Quem Somos

Quem somos

Papini Lacerda is a corporate law firm that provides consultancy to national and international clients of varying sizes and from different sectors of activity throughout Brazil. We work ethically and with dexterity, prioritizing preventive and advisory legal practice. We are always close to our clients, searching for and suggesting legal measures and solutions with the aim of minimizing legal problems and risks. We believe that technical enhancement and the constant search for learning are essential tools in achieving excellence and the satisfaction of our clients. In Papini Lacerda, “More than lawyers, we are business partners”.


Papini Lacerda emerged from the union between the lawyers André Papini and Rafael Lacerda, with the goal of becoming one of the most respected corporate law firms in Brazil. At that time, confident in their individual and complementary experiences and skills, the founders were already convinced that they would achieve their identified objective. They were also aware of the importance of attracting competent and effective professionals from the different Corporate Law areas of expertise, and therefore opened up the company to new participants by admitting the partners, Denize Perdigão, Fabiana Alves and Daniel Sena. After almost ten years of constant growth, Papini Lacerda is proud of having achieved its goals and of continuing to develop new plans. Today, apart from the Belo Horizonte head office, we have branches in different regions of Minas Gerais, and in other states, in order to serve our vast client base throughout Brazil. The team boasts more than fifty professionals whose dreams, skills and knowledge, added to those of the partners, result in the solid structure of Papini Lacerda, which is now one of the most important law firms in Brazil.

Diretrizes Empresariais


To be a corporate law firm with the reliability to strategically work towards its clients’ growth.


To be one of the best firms in Brazil in legal transactions, recognized for its innovative form of working.


Reliability: We always work in a personalized manner, fully committed to our clients and employees.

Technical expertise: Our team possesses solid legal knowledge acquired through development and constant technical upgrading.

Innovation: With our interdisciplinary team, we work in a systemic manner to help our clients achieve their strategic results.

Transparency of information: We communicate in a clear, accessible, objective and secure manner.

Respect: We believe in maintaining the human being as the principal focus in all internal and external relations.

Focus on results: We work towards making the expectations of our clients and employees a reality.

Onde Estamos

Com sede em Belo Horizonte, atuamos em diversas cidades, permitindo relações
próximas e diretas entre nossos profissionais e nossos clientes nacionais ou internacionais.

Belo Horizonte
Rua Desembargador Jorge Fontana, 428 – 15º andar - Belvedere
CEP: 30.320-670
Tel.: (31) 3507.7777
Pouso Alegre
Avenida Vicente Simões, 173 - Centro
CEP 37.550-000
Tel.: (35) 3421.4136